Hendrik Lüth

Client-Debugging with Aruba Central

Today at the SD-Branch Workshop we got a small road-map update and demo of really cool features that will come to Aruba Central and the SD-Branch solution. I want to focus here on a nice feature in Central, that will come in the next update. I can’t tell you about other features, but this one is nearly the best thing I’ve learned about today.

Aruba will introduce a new feature in Central soon: there will be a client-debugging view with the whole chain of connection – like in Airwave. But on top they have added a live-view. As Central is in the cloud the client-data of the connected devices is synced every now and then, but you can’t really use that to do debugging. This is why they will introduce a live-view of a selected client so you can have live-data on that. What I especially like is one key component of this feature: you can download a pcap-file of that live-session afterwards and it will actually give you the raw 802.11 packets. No long CLI commands anymore, just a click in the UI.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this feature yet, as we just saw it in a demo, but I definitely will, as I am the wireshark-type of debugging. pcap – one file to find them [the problems] all. I’ll keep you posted!

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